Factory Refurbished Ember® Sport Premium
Factory Refurbished Ember® Sport Premium

$ 699

$ 499


Key features:

Noninvasive Technology
Ember delivers hospital-grade technology and accuracy, without the needles and blood work.

Quick Results
Results in approximately 1 minute. No more waiting for lab work.

Smart Tool
Ember seamlessly pairs with your iPhone, allowing you to easily view and share tracking results using the free app.

Easily See Trends
Ember comes with a suite of at-a-glance graphs that make it easy to track trends to see how different activities and conditions impact each measurement.

Track Results by Activity
Track and trend hemoglobin and pulse/respiration/blood circulation rate measurements by specific activity or by all activities to see the impact on hemoglobin levels.

Earn free test credits
Earn free testing credits for consistently using your Ember unit by participating in the Frequent Tester Rewards Program*

     * For every calendar month that you test one or more times in a day, for 25 or more days of that month, you earn between 25 and 31 free measurement credits (equal to the number of days in that month).  Your 25 days of testing during the month do not have to be consecutive.

    Each Ember Sport Premium kit includes:

    • 1 Factory refurbished Ember device with Ember Mini sensor
    • 200 measurement credits
    • 10 parameters: hemoglobin, pulse rate, pulse rate variability, perfusion index, oxygen saturation, oxygen content, carboxyhemoglobin, methemoglobin, pleth variability index, and respiration rate
    • 1 USB to type-C charging cable
    • Full 2 year Limited Warranty
    • 30 day return policy

    Requirements to operate:

    • Smart Device running on iOS 9.0 or newer and Android “X” or newer 
    • Free Ember by Cercacor app 
    • Customers outside of the US are responsible for any duties or taxes assessed against their shipment upon import into their county