Coach Dashboard
Coach Dashboard

$ 19.99

$ 9.99

• For coaches with athletes who use Ember® Sport or Ember® Sport Premium

• See all of your athletes’ data in one place

• Observe who may be ready to perform and who might need more recovery

• Look and compare trends for Ember hemoglobin, pulse rate variability, and oxygen saturation with athletes’ Training Peaks* data (requires Training Peaks paid account)
Who is it for?

The Ember Coach Dashboard is the optimal solution for trainers or coaches who have athletes that use Ember Sport or Ember Sport Premium and are familiar with the data that Ember measures. For best results, your athletes should measure their "First of Day" data on a daily basis and enter their subjective emotional feedback for each measurement.

Why Use it?

With the Ember Coach Dashboard, you have access to a single location to track and review multiple athletes using Ember. Through the Dashboard, you can create Ember compliance criteria for you athletes, assess who is ready to train based on their Pulse Rate Variability, and evaluate your players’ emotional states each morning.
By using the Ember Coach Dashboard, you can help guide your athletes through difficult recovery periods and move them from negative to positive emotional states – all of which are vital for maximum performance.


The Ember Coach Dashboard solution is optimised for use on a desktop or laptop computer running the latest Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. The Dashboard is not optimised for mobile devices at this stage.

In order to view athlete data on the dashboard, the coach will need to invite athletes with Ember accounts to share their data.